December 4, 2012

Gift Guide Part 2: For the DIYer

There's a good chance that if you're crafty, you have some special people in your life that share your affinity for a glue gun and spray paint. Consider this your guide for those DIYers who seem to make everything themselves, or for you to pass along to Santa. A lot of these ideas would be perfect for someone who wants to be craftier, but doesn't know where to start!

Quality tools, such as scissors, a rotary cutter, paper punches, or jewelry pliers: I think some of the best gifts are those that the recipient wouldn't necessarily buy themselves, but would use all the time. Gift something that your crafty pal wouldn't normally splurge on, and you're guarantee a lifetime of handmade goodies using these beloved tools. For tips on building a perfect DIY toolkit, check out this post.

Gift cards: What better than the gift of choice? Great places for DIY supplies include Michael's, M&J Trim, and even the hardware store. Etsy, a great resource for supplies of all varieties, has gift cards now!

Magazine subscriptions: Inspire a budding Martha Stewart with a subscription to the craft maven's own Martha Stewart Living. Another idea is to choose a magazine more tailored to your DIYer's specific technique, like beading or knitting, and keep the inspiration coming all year 'round.

Books: There are so many books out there devoted to specific crafts! (A great post on this here.) A number of bloggers also have their own DIY books too-- I've been itching to check out A Pair and a Spare's DIY Fashionista. 

Classes: Has your DIYer been wanting to learn a new skill? Encourage them by getting a certificate for a class at a local store-- there are options out there for jewelry, sewing, knitting, and more!

Kits: A similar, less expensive option to classes, would be to pick up a beginner kit, like those from Wool and the Gang or one for cross-stitching an iPhone case. Design*Sponge put together a great list of DIY kits.

And one more idea: Many crafters have an abundance of supplies, so nice storage bins and boxes make wonderfully practical presents!

What about you? As a DIYer, is there something crafty on your wishlist?


  1. All such perfect ideas! I'm really wanting Geneva's book as well. But at the top of my list is a new set of jewelry pliers; mine have seen better days!
    Smart n Snazzy

  2. great ideas - seriously, would be so happy to get gift cards to home depot!! xx

  3. I'm in definite need of some quality DIY tools.

  4. I definitely need some more storage containers! I always buy too many supplies! Haha my one flaw when it comes to DIY.

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    xxx Anna


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