December 10, 2012

DIY Yarn Ornaments

Inspired by all the wonderful ideas in my roundup of ornament DIYs last Friday, I wanted to customize my own glass ornaments with yarn. I picked up a pack of 9 for $6 at Target (which, you may have noticed, is an absolute zoo this time of year-- I refuse to go back until after President's Day). Using sparkly yarn, I happily spent an hour making ornaments for my garland (no tree for me this year; we live in a shoebox). I experimented with two techniques for DIY ornaments, both of which I share here after the jump.

Tools and materials:
Glass ornaments

To make a pom-pom, you can use a maker specifically for that purpose. Or, my way is to wrap the yarn around my fingers many times. 

 Slid the bundle of yarn off your fingers, and cut another piece of yarn and tie it in the middle.

Cut through the loops, fluff, and begin trimming until it looks even. This one is still in hairy Muppet stage.

Open up the ornament, and push the pom-pom carefully through. If it needs fluffing after that tight squeeze, use a skinny, long object to reach inside the ornament.

For the yarn wrapped ornaments, I placed a dollop of glue on the middle of the glass, stuck in one end of the yarn, and began wrapping.

Wrapping in the same direction gives it a uniform look. Cover the whole ornament in yarn.

On the back side of the ornament, add another dab of glue, trim the yarn, and glue the loose end in place.

 Crafty and colorful, just the way I like my holidays.


  1. This is so adorable! I am going to have to try this! :)

  2. Great idea, and sooo cute! I love that you used sparkly yarn!

  3. Very cute!!!!!for more inspiration my blog..
    i invite you..

  4. They look so cute!

    I filled glued some miniature people and trees in my balls (Woah, that sounds wrong :p ). Then I filled them with fake snow so each ball has a different wintery scene inside.

    Xx Lana from

  5. So pretty!! I wish I could do this for this Christmas, but EVERY craft store is sold out of those clear ornament balls!! I'll pin your post so I remember it next year! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  6. Cute idea! What do you think about mine?


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