December 19, 2012

DIY Faux-Druzy Bead Ring

This is the sort of project that I had modest expectations for, but once it was complete, I love wearing it, even around the house with my lounge clothes. It's was so nice to look down at my fingers as I type my final papers for the semester and see a little sparkle. (On that note, first semester of grad school done!)

Combine those reasons with the fact this was a two-step project, and I'm in love. The multi-dimensionality of the beads with their facets and different sizes clustered together reminds me of druzy stones, making this a simple way to get the look.

Tools and materials:
Small faceted beads (I used both bicone shaped and rounds)
Strong, clear drying glue (I really liked E6000 for this one because of its viscosity)
Ring blank with bezel (bezels are the rim that keeps a jewel or stone in place)

 Fill the bezel with glue...

...and add your beads. That's it! Before the glue dried, I tried rotating some of the beads so the holes weren't as apparent. I'm loving the result. You can buy bezel earring settings to make earrings with the same technique. Happy making!


  1. Brilliant! I love your new blingy ring. :)

  2. wow, this is so pretty and definitely makes a statement!!

  3. Love the texture, beautiful DIY erin!

  4. Ohhh, sparkly! I love it. :)

    If you're ever in the mood, you can also do a miniature mosaic with tile grout and beads. I took a class on the technique from Joan Babcock, and it was completely awesome!

    Of course, Crystal Clay is easier, comes in pretty colors, and is less messy. That could be fun to play with, too.

    1. So glad you like it :) Those are some great ideas, thank you!

  5. Cute. I love two-step projects.

  6. I love how they turned out! Such a nice accessory :)

  7. Be careful -E6000 will make you nauseous! I like Beacon's 527 multi use glue (from Hobby Lobby) because it's easy to use, dries clear, and it's easy to clean up. And no nausea! (I actually got sick from E6000 once).


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