October 8, 2012

DIY Floral Ribbon Belt

Hi everyone! Here is my second DIY for Midori Ribbon. I tore out a page from Lucky Magazine at the beginning of the year that featured blooming accessories, including a beautiful belt from Elizabeth Gillette. With my favorite colors and a lovely mixture of materials, I knew it was right up my ally. Once I got my hands on a blue elastic belt at the thrift store (for 9 cents, I tell you! 9 cents!!!) I knew this belt would be easily made and the perfect way to spruce up a simple blue dress I've had for several years.

Tools and Materials:
Needle and thread (in colors coordinating with the ribbon)
Straight pins
Thimble (helpful for pushing the needle through layers of ribbon)
Lighter or candle (use with caution)
Elastic belt (or make your own with wide 2"+ elastic and a belt closure)
Ribbon in your choice of materials and colors. I got so excited to make this I forgot to take a picture of all the pretty ribbon. I used 1.5 yards of ribbon for each flower, totaling to:
- 3 yards of 2" organdy in mint
- 3 yards of 2" organdy in lapis
- 3 yards of 2" double-faced satin in peacock
- 3 yards of 2" double-faced satin in Prussian

To create ribbons with satin ribbon, begin by cutting rounded oval shapes (about 4-6 inches long) from the ribbon. It's good to make each slightly different in length and shape; this helps give the flower a more organic look.

Carefully melt down the cut edges of the satin ribbon with a candle or lighter. This keeps the ribbon from fraying. 

Take one of the pieces and fold to look like petals. Push a straight pin through to hold in place.

Continue to add the other pieces of ribbon, folding in different sizes and directions to make a varied, natural look.

Once you've pinned enough petals in place, thread needle and sew back and forth a few stitches to secure the flower shape. When sewing through the layers satin ribbon (this is quality, thick ribbon!) the thimble will come in handy.

For the organdy ribbon, I did not cut the ribbon into ovals. Instead, I cut into two 1.5 yard pieces, and then sewed a running stitch through one long side of the ribbon and then slid the ribbon down the thread to gather it into a flower.

I broke off the decorative piece from the belt and touched up the metal clasp with paint to conceal the erosion.

In the middle of the elastic, begin hand sewing the blooms onto the elastic. Keep adding until you achieve your beautiful bouquet!


  1. Lovely. I always appreciate a thrift store makeover.

  2. Such a great idea and makeover! And it seems rather simple! Great job, Erin!
    Smart n Snazzy

  3. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Its so pretty, love the colours you used.
    xx Tanya

  4. This is so cute!!

    I could see making a smaller version as a hair clip. :)

    1. yes! That would be adorable. Or a headband!


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