September 21, 2012

DIY or Buy: Lace Jewelry

I love the look of delicate lace gilded in gold. Get the look yourself, whether you buy or DIY! 


  1. Where did I get your lace at? I've looked everywhere in hobby lobby and can't find this. Thanks

    1. Hi Jess-- I'm not sure where the bloggers for these projects got their lace; you should check out their tutorials. I'm surprised you couldn't find any ay hobby lobby-- there website has loads . You should also try Michael's or Joann's. I hope this helps!

    2. JoAnns usually has tons of lace in fabrics as well as in trims.

  2. I love this idea,
    good inspiration for fall weekends ; )

  3. Hi, just found your blog. Very inspiring. I love DIY stuff too and this is my latest project using lace

    Will surely drop by more often here :-)

  4. Thanks for including my project, Erin! xo

  5. Anastasia5:42 PM

    Hey I just came across your blog and really enjoyed scanning through your different DIY projects. Very interesting and inspiring. I too am a lover and a creator of jewellery so I can appreciate what you have done, and the time you spent explaining how to create each piece. I will definetly refer to your blog when feeling the urge to make something trendy and crafty.



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