September 3, 2012

DIY Do or Don't?

I spotted this Miu Miu collar on Net-a-Porter, and my first reaction was "Ohhh noooo." For a split second I had a lapse of judgement and worried I missed something and people were going to start wearing dickeys over shirts, like the collar toppers popping up for a few seasons now. Reality kicked in, and I saw the styling. My second reaction? "DIY!" It would be easy to chop up a thrifted blouse and get the look of layering, with out the bulk. I pose to you: DIY do or don't?


  1. I like the idea but I think I would want one with a collar. Saw this one in store that I want to try to duplicate without the $50 price tag. It's a great way to have the layering but without having the bulk or being hot.

    The one I want to try to duplicate....

  2. I remember these from the 80s. It was great for achieving a layered look in a hot climate (TX). However, I could never get them to lay right. It always ended up looking obvious to me. Also, it kind of defeats the true purpose of layering--to be able to remove layers when you need to.

  3. The idea is nice... but it scares me a little that these are back! I totally made so much fun of my mom when I found her dickey collection from the 80s! Eeeeep!

  4. I think you can skip this one. You would have to have the right fabrics like this look. Also, if your shirt wasn't dark enough, you could see the dickey. Ann

  5. Anonymous6:12 PM

    That's a fantastic idea!!

  6. I'd say it's a DIY Don't. I like taking risks, but this one is a little too out there...

  7. I would want the warmth of a real shirt.

  8. I vote DO!!! i am actually thiking of doing this with a white shirt!§! hate the bulk, LOVE the collar!!

    love K


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