August 15, 2012

DIY Supplies Made Easy

First off, yesterday over on the TIMI Facebook page, I posed a question from a lovely reader. See what she wants to DIY, check out my suggestions, and offer your own!

Not to long ago I outlined my favorite crafting supplies (both tools and household supplies). However, sometimes when you open up the can of worms that is "DIY," the shear number and nuances of supplies can be overwhelming.

That's why I love following the Tumblr of For the Makers, a DIY subscription company. They put together some great cheat sheets they call the 411, which explain the subtleties of materials. Wish I  had thought of that! I won't reinvent the wheel, so here are a few of my favorites.

More after the break!

 All images via For the Makers


  1. Great post. It'll be very useful for diy beginners :)

  2. What a creativity! I wish I have some creativity like this!

  3. OMG I'm hooked on the chains and hooks! Didn't realise the types!

  4. I've been DIY'ing forever and I never knew the names for all these doohickies. Thanks for the primer! :-)

  5. I love you tool posts Erin ( like i already have all the tings, but i have no idea what to call it in english, haha!!) have a great weekend!!

    love K

  6. This is a fabulous post! great to keep near by, thanks for sharing this!

  7. Thank you so much for this information! I am just starting to dip my toe in the DIY pool, and it certainly is overwhelming the amount of materials available... all with sometimes very subtle differences! That is why I love your site :)
    You rock!


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