August 8, 2012

DIY Inspiration: Lace Minaudiere

Clockwise from top right: Kotur, Jason Wu, Alexander McQueen. All images via

You know what they say, two's a coincidence an three's a trend! I found a mini-trend in all these lacey, pint-sized clutches while perusing's accessory index and had instant DIY ideas. It would be easy to make a knuckle duster like the McQueen one with a sunglass case, lace, and some Mod Podge, taking Kirsten from Studs and Pearl's tutorial a step further. To get the Jason Wu look, how about lining a lucite clutch (Grace at Stripes and Sequins shows you how) with black lace and bright paper? Add a black tassel and you're good to go.

(PS-- not sure if you followed Project Accessory, but back when I watched it, I got hung up on the fact that one designer incorrectly kept saying min-oh-dee-ay instead of min-oh-dee-air. It drove me CRAZY. And she called herself an accessories designer.)


  1. What a fraud of an accessories designer. I hate when people mispronounce things. It drives me nuts. This is a great idea! I'd probably pay Grace to make me one :)

    1. Haha I know you'd appreciate me airing out my pet peeves! And totally get Grace to make it! : )


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