July 4, 2012

DIY Summer Earrings

With the season in full swing, I’ve got a 3-in-1 DIY project with a nautical and summery feel. They all are pretty much the same two steps– prep and glue! Be sure to hold down the earring backs firmly for several seconds when you glue them and let the glue dry completely before wearing (overnight, for good measure).
Also, a few tips on finding materials: The earring posts (you’ll also need the backs to keep on your ears) and charms can be found at most any jewelry store. The shells came from my own collection, but you can get them at bead/craft stores. Finally, the frog closure/knot cufflinks are from a sewing notions and fabric store. If you can’t find them in gold, you could aways paint them yourself. Now for the how-to, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


  1. LOVE these beachy earrings! Kind of thing I need to make one of each. Thanks again for inspiring my readers. Happy 4th, Erin!

  2. cute earrings!!


  3. I loved them Erin! pretty easy to make and also pretty chic! thanks for he idea :D

    xoxo Julieta

  4. These earrings are beautiful, I'd love to wear them at the beach.

    Chloe Eleanor xx


  5. You have finished a surprising job with you website.
    Wolf Judi

  6. Ooohhh I love those starfish! So sweet!!


  7. These are very cute ideas. I make jewelry, also, so I know what you mean when you can say, Thanks, I made it! http://www.finishingtouchesbyanne.com


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