July 26, 2012

The Essential DIY Tool Kit Part 2: Household Objects

Last week, I corralled my favorite DIY supplies. In this part 2, I'm pointing out a few household items that I always use in my DIY. 

Clear nail polish has a ton of uses, from preventing fraying to acting as a sealant. For all the ways you can use clear nail polish, check out this postNail polish remover is helpful too, for removing glue, Sharpie, and other hard-to-get-off gunk. I use it with q-tips.

Binder clips are a great way to hold together things as glue dries, or keep items in place that are too thick to pin.

Lighter: Good for melting down ends of rope, trim, webbing, etc. to keep from fraying. Just play it safe, kids.

When working with a viscous super glue, like E6000, I've found it works best to squeeze a blob onto a disposable paper plate and apply with a toothpick.

Wax paper (or freezer paper) make easy stencils. Since it's transparent, you can trace and cutout designs on top of a printed image. The paper then can be ironed onto fabric to stay in place. (An example of this in action here.)

Do you have everyday objects that you use in your DIYs?

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