July 20, 2012

The Essential DIY Tool Kit Part 1: Specialty Tools

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While one of my favorite parts of DIY is that you can think outside the (tool)box and use almost anything to new purpose with a little creativity and ingenuity, there are things that I've found I turn to time and time again when I start a new project. Here are a few of my favorite tools from my kit:

An X-acto knife (and a cutting mat to protect my coffee table) and good scissors cover most cutting needs.

A gold paint pen does the job, with out all the muss and fuss. I've reached for this many times instead of a brush and jar of paint.

Retractable tape measure: a flexible tape measure is essential for any sewing project, and the retractable button is a life saver.

Leather punch: Mine came from my great-grandfather's barn. In addition to creating holes in leather projects, this is perfect for adding another notch to a belt that you need to cinch a bit tighter. Seriously, this tool is so worth it.

Hand-sewing needles (in multiple sizes/purposes): Used for hand-sewing (obviously) and projects with embroidery. Check out this good post on the different types of needles.

E-6000 is my favorite super glue. It dries clear, comes off your fingers fairly easy, and nothing I've made with it yet has fallen apart. Yet. Major win.

Wire clippers get the job done cutting metal and protect your precious scissors.

Everybody should have at least two types of pliers: flat nose and needle nose.

What about you? Do you have any favorite tools that you use in your DIYs?


  1. I have four out of nine. Not too shabby!

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    You forgot a good pair of fabric scissors :) Cant use crapy scissors on nice fabric.

  3. I have most of these, but whats still on my list is the leather punch and the needle nose pliers.


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