June 15, 2012

More DIY Storage (and Studio) Inspiration

Man, oh man, I wish I wasn't a broke grad student and could afford proper work space in my future apartment. It would be amazing to have a DIY space that wasn't my desk/coffee table/kitchen table (which are often all the same surface, depending on my furniture situation). Hopefully I'll be able to devote a little nook to my craft and showcasing the fruits of my labors, inspired by these beautiful spaces.

Jamie Lyn and Jessica Fowler via Design*Sponge

Kai Sekimachi via Leslie Williamson

Erin Considine via The Makers


  1. Nice! So inspiring places to work :)

  2. oh the joys of being a poor grad student and "making it work" (thanks tim gunn!)
    Love this inspiration

  3. Lovely spaces! I also want my own place to work, and also for my crafts storage, there's glitter always all around! xoxo Julieta

  4. I like collage on the wall in the first photo

  5. Ooh, I'd love to have a huge table workspace like pic #2. Think of all the DIYs you could do on that :)

  6. Wow, you know when your breath is taken away by a plier rack that you need your own studio!! These are stunning and inspiring, I'm currently got plans to shrink my living room and expand my studio (i.e. that desk in the corner) by putting in a large work table. Now I just have to find more scrap wood to start building the table... oh, never ending DIY schedule.


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