June 11, 2012

DIY Skirt to Dress Transformation

I thrifted this button-front, mid-length skirt a while ago, and really liked wearing it up high under my arms and belted as a dress. However, that requires a strapless bra, which isn't my favorite form of support. A few simple alterations, and I transformed the skirt into a dress-- with straps! Here's how I did it:

1. I cut a strip of excess fabric from inside the skirt and behind the buttons (making two pieces, 14 inches long)

Inside of the skirt, where I cut extra fabric for straps.

2. I then folded, ironed, and hemmed the strips into two straps.
3. I cut off the top two buttons of the dress (creating a wide V neckline) and sewed the coordinating button holes shut.
4. Added one of the buttons below the bottom-most existing button to eliminate a high slit.
5. Tried on the dress, pinned the straps, and then sewed in place.

The finished result! I've been spending a lot more time in DUMBO since Brian's been working down there, where this picture was taken. It's easily my favorite neighborhood in the city.


  1. wow, it looks great on you! and it's so easy to make


  2. Such a cute dress! Fabulous transformation, Erin!
    Smart n Snazzy

    1. Thanks Lia! It was so easy.

  3. Love your new dress! great job!


  4. i want to do that, but i don't get how you made the neckline. more explanations for dummies, please? love, allison

    1. The skirt buttons all the way down the front.. So, I cut off the top two buttons and it naturally creates a V, like if you left a shirt unbuttoned. I added the straps to where both sides of the skirt would have met at the top button/waistband. Does that help? xo!

    2. Oh, and the elastic that was at the back of the skirt's waistband just pulls the dress it so the "v" neckline isn't much of a "v" at all once it's on

  5. So cute. Nice to see the 'hood as well. (I run the other side of the park almost every day at lunchy.)

  6. The color of skirt is decent and looking comfortable…the designer made it very elegant…


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