June 25, 2012

DIY Inspiration: Scarf Wrap Sandals

(Sandal images via Shopbop)

You know I've always seen the DIY potential in scarves, and aren't these sandals from Avec Moderation fun? Using a simple pair of sandals and silky scarves, you could easily recreate the look. While the chances of thrifting an identical pair of scarves are slim to none, you could always pick up two scarves from a fast fashion joint like H&M or cut a large scarf in two.


  1. Love this.. But in Mumbai where its so freaking hot, these would be very sweaty!! Really gross thought!


  2. Anonymous3:53 AM

    hmmm....These are really for summer nights???!!!....

    -on the actual sandal , the stone accessory would get too hot ( perhaps to the level of 1st degree burns)

    -re: the DIY part with the scarf; It wouldnt work for me here in the south of France.
    a scarf anywhere on my body will not do for a sweaty summer day.

    1. Those would be things to bring up with the designer. I'm not the designer. I'm merely sharing them as a source of DIY inspiration!


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