May 30, 2012

Guest Post: DIY Q-Tip Flower

Because I'm going to be setting up a new apartment in a few months, I've got home DIYs on the brain! So, I'm very excited to share with you a project from Jessi Snow. Keep reading for how she made this fun decor.

After looking everywhere for the perfect flower for our guest room, I came across this picture on Pinterest and decided I wanted to try and make it myself. I knew it would be easy to recreate, but I had no idea just how simple and cheap a project it would turn into! Believe it or not, it took me less than 20 minutes of working time and the supplies cost just $3.00 at my local Dollar Store. Now that’s my kind of DIY!

Inspiration image source

When I started thinking about what I needed in my mind, the one thing I wasn’t sure about was the stem for the flower. I found a few tutorials that suggested using pipe cleaners but I wanted something a bit more durable, and didn’t want the final product to look too crafty. Because I had been searching for the right flower for a while, I had a couple cast-off artificial ones already hanging around the house. I had no plans to use them, so I just lopped the flowers off the top and set aside the stems. Next I picked up a box of Q-Tips, some blue food coloring and a Styrofoam ball.

Once I had everything I needed, I got to work by cutting my Q-Tips in half and sticking them in the ball. I had around 300 half’s by the time I was finished cutting; you don’t need that many but I wanted to try and hide the Styrofoam ball as much as possible.
Next, I put a few drops of my blue food coloring in a bowl with some water and swirled the ends of the Q-Tips around in there, being careful to make sure they were all getting dyed and that I wasn’t making a mess. Then I let the whole thing dry for 24 hours.
*If you wanted to try something a bit different, you could dip the Q-Tips in different colors first and stick them in the styrofoam after. I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s next on my list!
Last but not least, I hot-glued the stem into the ball and popped the whole thing into a vase I had DIY’d the week before, and voila!

Thanks so much to Erin for letting me share my little tutorial here today! I hope you’ll try creating a flower of your own now that you see just how easy it is. Cheers!

Jessi is a passionate do-it-yourselfer who is dedicated to making her home a warm, organized and happy place to be. When she’s not busy working on crafts or dreaming up her next project she works as a Community Coordinator for PartSelect, where she’s dedicated to helping other DIYer’s tackle home repairs. 


  1. Haha this one's so cute and original!

  2. What a great idea! :)

  3. That is so cool!!

  4. Thanks everybody!! And thanks again to Erin for letting me share :)

  5. I love this! How simple and effective!


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