May 4, 2012

Featured on M&J Blog

Quick thing before you get your sombreros on for this weekend's "fiestivities"-- the awesome people behind the M&J Trimming blog did a little Q&A with me about DIY. Check it out here. I'm so honored, because every DIY'er knows that M&J is heaven on Earth.

Now go, and May the fourth be with you. Happy Star Wars day !


  1. Congrats that's awesome! Going to check it now...Have a fab weekend!

  2. Awesome, Erin! I'll go read that right now.

    One of these days I'll have to take a trip to M&J. Shopping online is fun, but there's nothing compared to being surrounded by sparkly things!

  3. You're amazing Erin, I'm so proud of you!

  4. Cool feature! I'll have to go check it out :)


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