April 18, 2012

Guest post from Stacie of Scarves.net: 6 Scarf DIYs

Something new for you all: A guest post from Stacie of Stars for Streetlights (maybe you recall her blog from this blog love post?), who's got some great tutorials and photography on her blog. She's with Scarves Dot Net, which brought you that fun 40 Ways to Tie a Scarf graphic I posted a while back and here today with some fun scarfy DIY ideas. Thanks for sharing Stacie!

Hello everyone! I'm Stacie, a DIY fashion blogger over at Stars for Streetlights, and I am so excited to be posting for Erin today! Like Erin, I've always had a thing for crafting, from the times when I was little and I made accessories for my dolls to today when most of my wardrobe is made from hand stitches and superglue. I have always, and will always, be an advocate for the handmade. ;) During the day, I am a writer, blogger, and photographer over at Scarves Dot Net, and it is pretty much the best job ever. (Seriously, I get to talk about scarves all day!) I'm always on the lookout for a great scarf DIY project to make-- whenever I get the chance to make something at work, it is a good day. ;) Here are a few of my favorite that I've made and found around the web.

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scarf shorts DIY Scarf Shorts: While I love the summer season, I really hate some of the clothes that accompany the warm weather. (Does anyone else think that jean shorts are incredibly uncomfortable?) :) These scarf shorts by Geneva at A Pair and a Spare are the perfect solution to my summer jean short woes-- they are flowy and they've got a punchy print!
DIY scarf belt DIY Scarf Belt: If you've got a skinny scarf just lying around, why not try and make a belt from it? To make this DIY accessory, I used this leopard print scarf, but you can use any print to spice up an outfit.
scarf camera strap DIY Scarf Camera Strap: I'm always on the hunt for a fashionable camera accessory, but sometimes it is just too tricky or expensive to find something good. Silk is one on of the strongest fibers in the world, so it is quite up to the task of holding my camera. :)
quote scarf DIY Quote Scarf:Have a favorite quote that you'd like to carry with you all the time to remember something special? Try writing it out on a scarf! My friend and co-worker, Maggie, wrote out her favorite Andy Warhol quotes on this scarf. :)
scarf purse strap Scarf Wrapped Purse Strap: Have a broken or tattered purse strap? Try wrapping it in a silk scarf! This simple fix can transform a boring old bag you have lying around to help give it a longer life. :)
scarf flats DIY Scarf Bow Flats: Use a thrift store scarf to make cute little bows on a pair of flats you already have. With a scarf and some stitching, you could have an entirely new pair of flats!

If anyone has more DIY scarf ideas or any fresh scarf-tying tutorials, be sure to head over and check out our Scarves Dot Net "Submit" page! We'd love to feature any new approaches to scarves. And if you're ever looking for ways to tie a scarf, be sure to check out our "Knot Library" with tons of ideas! I just want to say thank you again to Erin for letting me guest post today, it has been an honor! ;)

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