April 2, 2012

DIY Inspiration: Scarf Print

It may have been a while (in fashion time, at least) since Tommy Hilfinger's fall '11 and Celine's spring '11 silky patterned pants and tops, but I'm still digging the scarf print on current designs. It sets my DIY wheels a-spinning... imagine what you could do with scarves picked up from the thrift store or Grandma's stash!

(all images via Net-a-Porter.com)

Etro Dress | 2 Clover Canyon Pants | 3 Gucci Top | 4 D&G Shorts | 5 DKNY Vest | 6 D&G Dress

Here's a few more photos from some blogs, too.

Late Afternoon Atlantic-Pacific VivaLuxury 


  1. Hi D! I think I just recently saw that H&M has a scarf print dress for $19.95!!

  2. Cool look. I was just thinking of H&M as well. Affordable.

  3. Oh I absolutely LOVE these! Gorgeous!!


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