April 9, 2012

DIY Fiona Paxton Necklace

I might be a little late to this party, but Fiona Paxton is my latest jewelry designer obsession. Her goods have been repeatedly spotted on celebrities and in fashion magazines, but the DIY "ah-ha!" moment only just hit me while online window shopping recently.

It was the perfect use for trim I bought on a M&J trim binge a few months back but didn't know how to use. I'm particularly taken with her black and gold necklaces, but give her name a quick Google and you'll see she uses some beautiful bead work, meaning the options for interpreting this tutorial are endless!

Tools and materials:
Beaded or sequin trim/ribbon (similar here; I used 27 inches, you might want less for a shorter necklace)
Chain (80 inches cut into 5 pieces 16 inches each)
10 jump rings
Glue (I started with Liquid Stitch, but switched to Aleene's Jewel-It for a stronger hold)

Begin by adding glue to the end of your trim on the wrong side, and folding it over onto itself, about an inch. Press to stick, and repeat on other end of the trim.

Line up the chain with the trim. Make sure you like the length for chain, and adjust to your taste. I opted for 16 inches.

Open up your jump rings, and push one through the folded over end of the trim, toward the the edge.

Slide your chain onto the jump ring, and close the ring.

Repeat with the other jump rings and pieces of chain, spacing them out evenly.

Cut the loose ends of the chain so they are staggered in length, like so. Attach the loose chain ends to the other folded-over end of the trim with the remaining jump rings.

I didn't do this initially, but I realized once I took the necklace for a spin that trim like I used is itchy against the skin. So, I went back and lined the necklace with black ribbon using fabric glue.


  1. allison9:05 AM

    i saw a necklace like this and *almost* sent you a photo to make it! you're way ahead of me.

  2. I love that trim, and I love that necklace! Awesome. :)

    1. thank you! you should look at some of her beaded necklaces-- you'd love them!

  3. This is great, Erin! I love it!

  4. 0h wow - this is great! It doesn't even look "home-made" at all!

  5. Love this - great DIY!

    Lotts x

  6. This is really really awesome. Like Jen, I can't tell that this is home-made at all either!


  7. A perfect project for some left over trim! Awesome.


  8. Love this idea of using the trim!


  9. Incredible!


  10. Shut up!!! That looks AWESOME!!

  11. I love your idea! Looks so elegant and easy to make. If you don't mind will use it in one of my projects in the future.


  12. This looks really great! That trim is just perfect for this project.

  13. They're beautiful! This week I made ​​an adaptation of Loboutin mexibeads ... I leave the link and I hope you like!

  14. This is beautiful! I love it! That trim is absolutely perfect

  15. I've been looking for ribbon for a similar DIY project forever. And this only confirms that I have to keep on searching: it's gorgeous, Erin!!

  16. We loved your DIY project so much that we featured it on Fashion DIYs!



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