April 4, 2012

40 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Speaking of scarves... We may on our way into spring, but chilly mornings and breezes mean I still bundle up. At this point in the season, I'm often stumped with ways to make my heavy-rotation scarves look interesting. Check out this image from Scarves.net, and your boring scarf tying days are over. Another idea that I absolutely love that's not in the graphic, but on their blog, is the braided scarf necklace. Genius!


  1. So many wonderful ideas at one place! Thank u so much for sharing this!!!
    p.s. Lovely inspirational blog!! I wish u all the best with your future DIY projects!!

  2. Great post! Who'd have thought there were so many looks created with a scarf?!

  3. Loved it. SHaring it with my friends on facebook page " Aditi's Kaleidoscope " . Check it out if you get a chance.

  4. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Thanks for sharing . It's always fun to try out new ideas with the many types of scarves available.


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