March 28, 2012

Travel Diary: Puerto Rico in Pictures

Like it or not, I'm back in New York after almost a week in Puerto Rico. Things leading up to (and after!) this vacation were hectic, so it was a much needed getaway. A roller-coaster of a trip with a lost wallet and other smaller snafus, the warm days, delicious mofongo, and island time made it all worthwhile. Here are some highlights of the trip in photos, with more after the break. 

In between tropical rain storms, we made it to the beach in Luquillo for sun and surf.  

The church at Luquillo, just after a storm.

We beat out the storms by heading to El Yunque mountain's rain forest, where it unsurprisingly rained more, but the thick canopy of trees kept most of it at bay. 

Brian's shirt kept him camouflaged while in the forest.  

From an observation tower halfway up the mountain. 

I couldn't go on vacation without finding monkeys! Monkey Island is home to more than 1000 primates brought over for research from India. It would have been 1001 if they had let me stay.

DIY'd skirt and our guest house in Loquillo.

 The trip ended in Old San Juan, the oldest city in America, where beautiful homes were painted every color under the sun.

 A shop in Old San Juan specializing in customized and sized Panama hats. 

Courtyard dining at our hotel El Convento, a 350-year-old former convent.

It was a wonderful introduction to the Caribbean-- and I cannot wait for my next island adventure!


  1. oh, i am so jealous! i really want to go to puerto rico. or on any vacation. love the DIY skirt too!

  2. Beautiful photos of Puerto Rico. I have just foud your blog, and all the brilliant DIY. I am one for making things too.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll.

  3. What a beautiful place! I'm glad you had such an awesome vacation.

    I went to the Bahamas in high school for one winter break. I keep telling myself I'll have to go back. :)

  4. beautiful pictures!


  5. Monkeys!!! What an amazing place, loving the fancy ribbon rack at the panama hat shop.

  6. I'm so glad you enjoy our island... btw, it's Luquillo, with an "u". Next time you've got to go to the south. It's another different experience.

    1. Thanks so much for catching that typo! It's a mistake I keep making. I loved your island-- its a beautiful place!

    2. Thank you! I've lived abroad a couple of times and I always find myself missing my island so much! Love your blog!


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