March 2, 2012

DIY Spike Jewelry 3

Welcome back for the third installment of spike bead projects, eating up the leftovers from my spike bead necklace. I've begun to wonder what I can't make super glue and these beads. Perhaps a model of the Eiffel Tower? These Eddie Borgo earrings are too perfect to not try to make.
(image via

$315? Gee, it's tempting, but I think I'll pass. DIY instead!

Two spike beads
End cap/tube beads
Toothpicks (makes applying glue much easier!)

1. Glue bead inside cap.
2. Glue post base to cap.
3. Let dry.

That's it! I feel like I'm cheating you a little with such simple projects, but isn't it empowering to think that a few materials and even fewer steps can recreate a designer look? Less is more, my friends, less is more.


  1. Cheating? Never. You said it - less is more! Simple projects like these are definitely the most inspiring to me. These earrings are rad!

  2. Cute earrings! They go so well with your blonde hair. :)

    I don't think it's cheating if you come up with something that cool. Especially if you can avoid spending 300 dollars!

  3. So cute! Do you ever sell your stuff?


  4. paulina4:01 PM

    This is perfect! Where did you get the tube beads?


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