March 23, 2012

"DIY" the Song

I took B's iPod with me on a run, and while shuffling past his extensive Iron Maiden collection, I came across this song from Peter Gabriel. I do believe it's the perfect soundtrack for this blog. Forgive the lack of a more substantive post, but I'm on a much needed vacation. It's alright if you're jealous. I'll be back next week with loads of new projects coming. Happy weekend!


  1. Votre blog est sympa et regorge d'idées!! continuez à me faire rêver!!
    I can find a lot of ideas in your blog!! don't stop it and it makes me dream!!
    (Sorry for my english wich is very bad!!)

  2. Merci pour votre comment! Je suis tres heuruse parce-que vous aimez ma blog! Bisous!


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