March 12, 2012

DIY Scallop Trim Tank

When it comes to eating seafood, let's just say I don't. Forgive me for missing all the wondrous tasty creatures the Atlantic has to offer, but I just can't stomach those briny, fishy buggers. The rationale I've devised is that growing up in landlocked southwest Ohio, my exposure to seafood was nil, exceptions being the occasional fish caught by family up in the Great Lakes.

Scallops, however, are an aquatic dish I enjoy, with their mild flavor. It's not limited to the food, though. Here's a look at how I embrace scallops in design. (Also: Hop over to Pinterest, where I have a whole board developed to scallops!)

(find image sources here)

Now, onto a scalloped DIY!

Tools and Materials:
Plain tank
Needle and thread
Trim (mine's from a buying rampage I went on at M&J Trim. Do you ever blackout at the craft/fabric/trim store and leave with yards of material you have no actual plans for, too?)

This project was easy as scallops pie, as I simply hand-sewed the trim inside the hem of the tank. Quite easy, and absolutely cute. It was the perfect top to wear out to dinner with B where I had, of course, the chicken.


  1. This is a great DIY!! I'v been crazy about scalloped hems from last summer so im def trying this one out!!

    love K

  2. Love how simple this is, yet it takes a boring tank to GLAM! Great job, Erin!
    Smart n Snazzy

  3. Haha, I blackout at fabric and craft stores constantly. I don't even go to bead stores anymore!


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