March 26, 2012

DIY Rosette Headband

My friend Emily and I met up at M&J Trimming a recent sunny weekend, and then headed back to her apartment to set up a "craftory." We were both delighted to whip up some simple projects to add some spring into our wardrobes. She came across some lovely little rosettes, which made a delightful headband. 

Tools and materials:
Needle and thread

 (She also used glue on to attach the white rosettes to a simple barrette!)

 Sew together the ends of the elastic, so that it's long enough to stretch to fit your head. Hand sew on the rosettes. Simple!

Looks beautiful, Em! Thanks for letting me share.


  1. Oh, you're so lucky to live near M&J!

    The headband is adorable. So perfect for Spring weather!

  2. I love crafting with friends!!! :) Have heard so many great things about M&J, please have them start a store in Norway, haha!

    love K


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