March 30, 2012

DIY Neon Elastic Belt

I'm completely smitten with this neon elastic belt-- it's sure to inject a jolt of color to any outfit. It feels like a bit of caution tape warn ominously around my middle, but I love how it livens up a black and white ensemble, shown here while on vacation last week in Old San Juan.

Tools and materials:
1 yard neon elastic (check Etsy for some great choices, like this)
Interlocking belt buckle
Super glue, like E6000
Clips to hold elastic

Cut elastic to fit your waist when stretched, plus a few extra inches on each end. 

Slide one half of the belt buckle a few inches down one end of the elastic. Add glue, and fold over elastic onto itself and the glue.

Repeat on other side. Hold in place with clips, and let dry.

Hopefully the belt is bright enough to take attention away from my lobster-red sunburn.


  1. I love your stripy top! And great DIY!

  2. Cute! Looks perfect with the black and white. :)

    You poor thing! I hope your sunburn is feeling better. Confession: last year I got one for the first time in about fifteen years, and I had NO idea what it was until Mr. Sequin educated me. <-- Forgetful!

  3. Anonymous11:04 PM

    you look beautiful!

  4. ooooh I love this! perfect neon. what an easy and great diy!


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