March 19, 2012

DIY Hose Clamp Bracelet

Here's a little something simple for you all today. I won't even measure how long this took in terms of TV episodes, because we're talking more like commercial breaks. A while back, I saw this tutorial using a hose clamp to make a bracelet with some ribbon. If you're not familiar with a hose clamp, they clamp hoses together (surprise!) and they are easily found in your dad's hardware bench or most hardware and automotive stores, and will set you back about a dollar. Here's my take on the bracelet, using plastic lacing I got for another buck at Michael's.

Tools and Materials:
Plastic (or other material) lacing, about 18 inches long
Hose clamp, large enough to slip over your hand
Super glue (not pictured)

Loop lacing through two of the slots of the bracelet near the clamp, so that the lace is folded in half.

Begin weaving the lacing in and out of the slots. You can get creative here with patterns-- I chose to criss-cross every other weave on the outside of the bracelet.

Here's inside of the bracelet.

At the end, trim the lacing to about an inch, and use the glue to keep in place.

That's all, folks!


  1. Very cool!!! Hubby and I actually had to buy some of these last week and he made me hold them and I though "hm, these would be funky bracelets" but I didn't know how I could make it smaller. Didn't know they were adjustable!!! Very cool ;)

  2. So clever, Erin! I love how it turned out.

  3. Every time I see hose clamps in the hardware store, I keep thinking they would make great bracelets -- and you've proven me right! Cute project, Erin! :)

  4. just discovered your blog via Pinterest - love all your great ideas!

  5. I love using hardware to make accessories. I saw this same tutorial and forgot about it - I'm really glad you've reminded me!


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