March 7, 2012

(Almost) DIY: Customizable jeans from new sponsor, INDi

A few years ago, I was living and studying in India. I had the zany idea not to pack any jeans, as they would be too heavy and hot (or hot and heavy?) for my literal only the clothes on my back (pack) lifestyle. Well, I was wrong. I missed my denim more than I missed my sisters. No, not really, but I missed my jeans a lot.  I had other clothes, more traditional Indian outfits, tailored for me. I picked the fabric, cut, neckline... so I thought, why couldn't I get tailor-made jeans, too?

I marched into one of the local tailor's shops and was sized up for a pair of perfectly fitting skinnies. They are the best fitting jeans I own, and they only cost me 600 rupees, or approximately $12. Yes. $12. To this day, I still get many compliments and "Where did you get those jeans?" demands. I now firmly believe in the power of bespoke clothing to not only make you look amazing, but feel amazing too.

While I can't give you the name of my tailor back in India, I can introduce you to Thanks, I Made It's new sponsor, INDi Custom Premium Jeans. They can help you design your own (hello, DIY!) jeans, down to the cut, measurements, fabric, leg shape, pockets, wash. Basically, EVERYTHING. While they are not 12 bucks, sadly, they cost about the same as premium denim. If you're going to spring for designer jeans, why not be the designer and have them customized for you? Find out more about INDi and get started designing your own dream jeans here!


  1. This is so great Erin! I had to check it out right away!! I love how you can see the same model on different body types! thats genious!!

    love K

  2. Thanks for this introduction! I plan to order some when I stop losing weight. Ann

  3. I totally feel ya on the custom clothing front...this is great! Especially for something like denim, I think it's well worth it to go for a bespoke pair, considering how hard it can be to find the right fit.


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