February 11, 2012

TIMI Gets Manly

I'm very lucky to have a guy in my life who not only patiently admires every craft project I shove in his face, but also genuinely thinks what I do is cool. He even requests his own projects! To reciprocate that loving support, I've made B several things that your special dude (be it bf, fiance, second cousin, or platonic friend) or yourself might appreciate too this V-Day.  Links to original tutorials are below.

Hex nut and leather bracelet: honestly, you know that's Honestly WTF.
Braided leather bracelet: tutorial from I Still Love You. (This is both of our favorite!)
Chain and leather bracelet: my made up version, but very similar idea here.

Note: He doesn't normally wear them all like this, but why should only girls get invitations to arm parties? He said it looked like he was headed to a Justin Bieber concert. What a sport.


  1. These are rad and totally manly. Your dude sounds awesome. And haha, you're so right, all should be welcome to participate in arm parties!


  2. Very nice & well done for including the boys!

  3. What a good guy! I know my hubby would do the same! Lucky girl!

  4. Hurray for dudes who appreciate jewelry! Sounds like you two are an excellent match. :)

    I'll have to show these bracelets to Mr. Sequin -- he makes jewelry too, and he loves hardware jewelry.

  5. Love the Manly DIY's... so fun! Happy Valentine's Day!!


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