February 27, 2012

Leftovers for lunch: DIY Spike Jewelry Part 1

In my always planning ahead (but always running late) world, leftovers for lunch or dinner are what keep me running. It's thrifty and resourceful, just like DIY!

Coming this week is a triple threat of DIY projects, all leftover based. Remember my turquoise spike bead necklace? Well, I had a lot of those beads leftover from the project, even after making a few smaller necklaces. Here's what I did with a few residual beads, super glue, and jewelry findings.

Keep reading for how-to!

Project 1 Knuckle Ring
Two spike beads
Ring blank
Tube bead (that spike rings fit snugly in)
E6000 super glue

Attach tube to ring blank with glue.

Add glue inside tube and insert a bead on either end. Let dry overnight.

Wearing it, I can only hold up my middle finger. Good thing the ring has plenty of attitude to accompany the gesture. In the photos above, you'll see a sneak peak at another DIY with these beads coming next!


  1. Loving the ring! That's such a clever idea.

    I could also see making a pair of dangly spike earrings. They'd look seriously awesome!

  2. Nice! It'd be cool to do one with a bone wrapped with a flat piece of metal, too, like new age Flinstones style.

    1. amanda7:22 AM

      if you can find a nice bone or make one out of polymer clay.

      i have some curved coral spikes that would look pretty nu-flintstones too


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