February 20, 2012

DIY Jeweled Cord Bracelets

I like quirky combinations, such as the juxtaposition sporty and glamourous in the pieces below from Shourouk and Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg for Juicy Couture. Certainly, sporty and glamourous do not always mix (here's looking at you, tampon commercials and push-up-under-sports-bra-girl), but with these bracelets, it's a perfect match. With beads I found on clearance at Michael's, brightly colored nylon cord, and some bold nail polish, the look was easily recreated on a much smaller budget (such as $3 versus $200).

Keep reading for more!

Tools and Materials:
Plastic gems with metal settings and links on both ends
Nail polish
Thin nylon cord
Jump rings

I began by painting one side of the jewels with a layer of nail polish, let it dry, and added a second coat. I didn't worry about being a little sloppy because the painted side would be the underside.

After the nail polish dried, I added jump rings to each loop on the jewel.

I measured a length of cord that was long enough to wrap around my wrist twice. After trimming to size, I fused each end with the lighter to prevent fraying. After looping the cord through one jump ring, I knotted the cord back on itself in a sliding knot.

I repeated the knot on the other side. To tighten the bracelet, the knots can be slid closer together.

The end!


  1. those are so cute!

  2. Adorable, and so colorful!

    I keep meaning to ask. In the projects where you use nail polish, does it stay on after lots of wear, or do you need to do any touchups?

    1. Thanks Sarah! So far, nail polish does well in low impact areas (like the underside of this bracelet). I imagine if you avoid painting lots of layers (so its thicker and more prone to chipping, perhaps?) or coat it with a clear polish, that could help!

  3. I love the mix of (wait for it...) sporty and posh! Nice work on these. They look great!



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