February 6, 2012

DIY Chain Fringe Necklace

While browsing some stores in the neighborhood, this necklace caught my eye at Urban Outfitters. I thought it festive and fun, but without being over the top. It's also the perfect project for catching up on reruns, an important quality in a successful DIY.

Tools and Materials:
Pliers with wire clippers
Beading wire
Thin chain
Jump rings
2 crimp bead

Estimated time: 2 back episodes of Parks n Rec

More after the jump!

Cut the chain into one 12 inch piece, then cut the remaining chain into pieces about 2 inches long each. I eye-balled it, but if you wanted an even fringe, you could measure each and cut.

Cut a length of beading wire. String on a crimp bead, then through the last link of your longer chain.

Close the crimp and trim the wire.

Add a bead, then thread the wire through the top link of one of your smaller pieces of chain.

Continue to add beads and chain, alternating the two.

When done, add another crimp bead, thread through the other end of the long chain, and close the crimp. Trim leftover wire.

Cut the long chain in the middle, and add jump rings and clasp.



  1. Love! I NEED to make this!

  2. I love this! It's perfect for laying over a simple tee. And I totally agree, rerun compatibility is a key feature of a great DIY project! :)


  3. Erin, I love this necklace! The chain and crystals go so well together. :)

  4. Nice tutorial!
    i've made some of this version of DIY chain fringe necklaces

    kindly check out my DIY blog: http://i-am-arf.tumblr.com/#16219064436


  5. Thanks so much for this! I'm just getting back into crafting and totally fascinated by chains and metalwork. This proj was awesome, easy and looks great. :)


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