February 13, 2012

Braided leather hair band

After years of wearing a typical hair band around my wrist and in my hair, I recently had a moment in the mirror where I realized how boring hair bands can be, and then it stuck out like a sore thumb. It's like when you say the same word over and over again, and eventually the most commonplace word sounds completely alien. Weird. Weird. Weird. Weird. Weird, right? Anyway... enough of that, and onto crafting.

Tools and Materials:
X-acto knife
Hair band
Cutting surface (scrap cardboard in my case)

Cut leather into an oblong shape, about 3 1/2 inches long. Thicker hair would need a longer piece of leather, and shorter piece for thinner hair.

Draw two even lines on the wrong side of the leather, like below.

Use the X-acto knife and straight edge or ruler to cut on the lines.

Using the magic braid technique from Melissa at I Still Love You, braid the leather.

Cut the hair band in half, and punch or cut holes into either end of the leather braid.

Push ends of hair band through the holes, and tie together.

Ta-da! I really like shade of the leather with my hair color-- you can play with colors that best suit you.


  1. Oh very cool Erin!! I would def wear this!

  2. I love this project!

    I have a ton of scrap leather in my studio, and I've been wondering what to do with it. This could work! I get sick of the old ponytail holders, too.

    (Although I've thought of dressing them up by tying ribbons to them.)

  3. Very cool! If I had ponytail-compatible hair, I'd definitely do this. :)



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