January 31, 2012

DIY Varsity Sweater

Yesterday I posted about the varsity style-- past and present--that inspired this DIY. With a few bits of trim and a spare 45 minutes (last weeks SVU, anyone?), I updated this cardigan that I've had since freshman year of college. Talk about old school.

Tools and Materials:
Iron-on chenille letter applique
Clothes iron
1 yd of 1 inch ribbon (I used cotton herringbone twill ribbon)
Needle and thread (matching ribbon)

Try on your sweater, and use the chalk to indicate the placement of the ribbon bands around the arm and where the letter will go. Don't forget that it's going to look backwards in a mirror!

Iron the letter onto the cardigan according to the letter's instructions.

Cut two pieces of ribbon long enough to go around the sweater and your upper arm.

Fold over one end to the backside of the ribbon. Glue in place with Liquid Stitch (or sew). I found it much easier to attach the ribbon stripes with liquid stitch, and then sew to reinforce, so my steps reflect that. Apply Liquid Stitch all along the back of the ribbon. To apply the ribbon: put the sweater back on and beginning at the inner seam of the sleeve and with the raw/unfolded end of the ribbon, carefully wrap the ribbon around your arm and cardigan. End with the folded over end, overlapping a bit on the start of the ribbon.  Repeat with the second piece of ribbon. 

Continue to wear the sweater for a few more minutes so that the ribbon and glue retain the shape of your arm and don't bunch up. Once it's partially dry, you can take off the cardigan and allow it to dry completely. Use the needle and thread to reinforce the glue with a few stitches. 

Ta-da! I'm excited to layer the cardigan this winter to add a little preppy vintage flair.


  1. I love this, and I'm going to have to give this DIY a whirl. Sadly, I have a letterman jacket that has been sittin in the closet since high school.


  2. Adorable Erin!! I would def wear this..but I need an extra large pregnant size ;)

  3. This is the perfect staple for fall! At least, for me it is! Love the varsity look, can't wait to go all out preppy this year.


  4. cool time is coming now...i think i need this so i will try to make this else buy

  5. This is really cool! I like it a lot!

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