January 2, 2012

DIY Quick Tip: Crafty things to do with felt circles

Hello 2012! I can't say I have a whole lot of resolution malarkey to share with you. Not that I'm a saint, but what am I going to say? I resolve to be more crafty? I'm up to my ears in crafting, and if I resolve to do anything, you might hold it against me in the coming months. Just kidding... sorta. Let's crack on then.

I had so much fun coming up with ways that clear nail polish can be used in crafting, and loved hearing feedback with more ideas from you! I want to celebrate another unsung hero of my junk drawer: the self-adhesive felt pads or circles that are intended to protect your floor from furniture legs.

I bought a giant multipack of them at Target last year; my old apartment's floors were painted grey with a peach primer (really, 'Gonks?), so when I moved in, every.freakin.thing. scratched up the paint. Not just furniture, but even my computer charger. Pink scratches were everywhere! To combat the problem, I stuck the adhesive felt circles on the bottom of my all my furniture. They came in all sorts of sizes for plenty of uses.

What to do with the rest? Here are some ideas:

1. Make simple coasters from ceramic tiles, with a little felt dot on the bottom in each corner.

2. Have any hand-me-down or vintage clip-on earrings? If they pinch your ears, add a small felt pad.

3. Small circles stuck to the arms of a clothes hanger can help prevent slippery tops from piling up on your closet floor. I got this one from the bible of new uses for old things, Real Simple magazine.

4. They aren't just for preventing scratches on the floor! Stick them on the back corners of picture frames or mirrors to avoid scuffing up the walls.

5. Silence loud cabinet doors with a felt pad on the door's inside corner.

6. Sticking them on like "feet" to the bottom help balance out a wobble object.

How else could you use these felt circles?

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  1. I love the hanger idea! I use these for the backs of chairs that lean against walls, too, to prevent scratching the paint.

  2. Oh, those things are the BEST! I have a few necklaces that I've made by attaching a vintage brooch to a chain, and sometimes the backs of those are so sharp/scratchy that they can ruin my silk shirt or knit sweaters, so I slap one of the circles right on the back for an instant shirt-saver! :)


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