January 9, 2012

DIY Leather Kindle Cover

I received a Kindle for Christmas, and at first my bibliophilic side was reluctant to break with tradition and all the sensory experiences that come with a book in my hands. However, this thing is so compact and convenient that I look forward to my commute. My super handy grandfather gave me a leather daybook cover from the thrift store with the binder rings removed, which makes an excellent Kindle case, but for daily purposes I needed something a little slimmer to store my reader. Enter DIY! (PS- I have a feeling this won't be my only eReader case project...)

Tools and Materials:
Leather at least 1 inch wider than the height of the reader and 1.5 inches longer than double the reader's width
Leather punch or sharp craft knife
Waxed cord
Large needle

The steps were simple:
1. Trim the leather
2. Mark with pen where to punch holes
3. Use knife or punch to cut holes, making sure when the leather is folded in half the holes line up
4. Thread the cord on the needle, and stitch through the holes

And what am I reading? As I seem to do every winter, I've turned back to my favorite, Sherlock Holmes. Nerdy? Maybe. Classic? Absolutely. What are you reading?


  1. Great idea, and I love how simple this is. I have yet to give in to the eReader, I admire your bravery :-)


  2. So easy and chic! I haven't gotten an e-reader yet... I'm kinda scared to!
    Smart n Snazzy

  3. Don't tell my books, but secretly, I think the Kindle looks kind of fun. ;)

    I love the case! What a great project -- I have a collection of leather scraps from a discarded sample booklet, and now I want to go play with them.

  4. No padding? I think that an electronic device needs more protection than a piece of leather.

    Although I'm not a tailor, I been able to create a more secure Kindle cover: http://ecocreo.blogspot.com/2011/09/i-love-ikea-fabric-some-special-holder.html


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