January 11, 2012

DIY Ideas: Net-a-Porter edition

So I lost track on Monday for the grand centenary post, but TODAY is TIMI's 101st post! Hooray for Thanks, I Made It! If I could make balloons and confetti fall down your computer screen I would. But I think that's spam or something. THANK YOU all for giving me the encouragement, support and readership to have made it this far. Cheers to 101 more!

On to business: What to do on a quiet night in? Browse online stores for DIY inspiration, of course! Here are a few items I thought would be fun to DIY.

I love the brightly colored pom-poms popping off the collar of this turquoise sweater. Some hand-sewn trim could make the neckline of any crew neck sweater a show-stopper.

Tulip's Beads in a Bottle fabric paint would be perfect for this project, using the colorful paints to add round "jewels" to sandals or flats.

I also spied this top on the cover of Lucky Magazine not too long ago. Make a bow from black lace, sew on a tee, and voila! I always find short-sleeve blouses in a rainbow of colors at the thrift store; I'm kicking myself for not getting the fuchsia one I saw last trip thrifting.

(All images via Net-a-porter.com)


  1. I've played around with pom pom trim on necklaces before, love them on this sweater. I keep most of my clothes so basic though, I like being able to switch things up.

  2. jesus, all this matthew williamson overpriced shit w the pompoms is such an easy diy. they LOOK like diys. i looked at your recent post with the two pom pom bracelets next two each other and i thought that you had made both of them! awesome job.



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