January 23, 2012

DIY Gold Dot Notebooks

What has two thumbs and loves nice notebooks and pens? This gal.

There is nothing like a good pen on good paper. I will forever wave my Pilot V7 high, scribbling and compartmentalizing my life away into list upon list in Rhodia or Moleskine notebooks. Everyone has their own system of organizing their thoughts and tasks, and the one that's worked best for me is a combo of smart-phone+Google calendar with ol' fashioned to-do lists I keep in a small black notebook. Carrying this notebook shouldn't be a chore though! Instead, I thought I'd liven it up with some cheery polka dots. Your possibilities for designs are endless.

Tools and Materials:
Sharpie metallic gold paint pen
Small black notebook

I tried this project with gold leafing, but it completely bombed and left gold flakes on the stencil.

Here's where it gets complicated. 
Are you ready?
1. Put stencil on notebook, hold in place.
2. Carefully trace and color in dots with paint pen.
3. Let dry.
4. Flip over and repeat on other side.

I told you it was complicated. 

Here's my to do list for this week a few weeks ago. (There's a bit of a time lag between DIYing in real life and getting it onto the blog).
Grad school applications, work, and Thanks, I Made It round out the list. I also got a bit excited and polka-dotted the inside cover too. Hooray for lists!


  1. This is so glamorous...very kate spade-esq. Who doesn't love a list in something pretty? I'm going to give this one a try this week.


  2. I also love lists and this looks amazing! Was wondering how you got it so nice looking, ah stencils!

  3. I love this! So simple and beautiful!


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