January 20, 2012

DIY Glitter Ring

Hello! Just quickly popping in today to show you how I made a glittery ring inspired by tutorials from Alicia at Dismount Creative and Ali from With an I.E.

Materials: Coarse glitter, silver glitter glue, Mod Podge, and ring with empty setting (from Michaels).
I mixed up a batch of glitter glue-more glitter-Mod Podge, and filled the in ring setting with the mixture and let dry. Quite simple!


  1. Great job...I love the end result. This has been on my list to do for a little while.


  2. Ohhhh, pretty!!!

    Another thing that might be cool is to use UV Resin on a glitter ring -- give it a nice domed effect. I've never used the stuff, but I hear it comes pre-mixed, so it's not as messy as regular resin.

  3. Success!! Looks great, this project could be done in so many different ways, too. I'd love one with a burnished leather circle.

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    COOOOOOL! Thnks for sharing dear :)

  5. This is great and so simple - think of the possibilities..?! Thanks for your comments last week, really appreciated.

    Lotts x


  6. So cute! Love this idea.

  7. love this, thanks for the link.

  8. one suggestion, rather than mixing your glitter with mod podge, mix it with some e6000. Mod podge tends to degrade of you get it wet, and rings get wet a LOT. e6000 will still dry clear and will be resistant to water!

    or you can use resin, if you are so inclined.


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