December 19, 2011

Welcome Whimseybox!

I'm so excited to share in the fun on this new endeavor. Alicia, of Dismount Creative, is not only amazingly creative with a keen eye for design, but she possesses an impressive entrepreneurial spirit. Recently, she announced the launch of Whimseybox, which is, in simplest of terms, a craft-supplies-of-the-month club. (Dear Santa, I'd like more of-the-month clubs for Christmas, including but not limited to wine, cookies, coffee.) 

For a small subscription fee, you can join in on the fun of having pre-chosen DIY supplies delivered right to your door. However, Whimseybox is so much more, cultivating community and creativity. I love the mystery of not knowing what you're going to receive, the surprise of discovering new materials, and the challenge of finding ways to use them. You can learn more by checking out Whimseybox's website.

Want to see what I got when Alicia asked me to test out December's Whimseybox?

More after the jump!

Here are the reasons (numbered) why Whimseybox was the highlight of my weekend:

First off, the box is reusable, with a magnetic closure. Who doesn't need more craft storage?

Second, each box comes with a small piece of artwork from a different artist. Collectable, cute, and inspirational!

Third, the menu with today's specials. I appreciated knowing what the products were, so I could get more if I were so inclined.


Enough already, you're saying. So what's inside?!

1. DecoArt SoSoft Fine Glitter Fabric Paint.
2. Americana Stencil-- polka dot. Perfect for the current bespotted trend.
3. Custom printed fabric from Spoonflower.
4. Martha Stewart Crafts/Lion Brand Glitter Eyelash Yarn. This is begging to be woven subtly with chunky grey yarn in a knit circle scarf.

I'll show you what I made with the Whimseybox supplies tomorrow!


  1. Omg, I love it! What a great idea and the design is adorable. :D

  2. How fun!! Cant wait to see what you make :)

  3. So fun - I can't wait to play with mine!

  4. Glad you like it and I can't wait to see what you make!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a great idea! And I love that it comes with a little piece of artwork.

  6. very cute erin!! can't wait to see the rest!! p.s. remember the black lace collar that you showcased?? i have it up today, the how-to:
    check it out if and when you get the chance erin!!
    xx ~ k


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