December 16, 2011

DIY Wine Cork Coasters

When life hands you grapes, make wine. And when life hands you wine corks, make coasters! Or trivets. Or bath mats. Or bulletin boards. So that's what I did for with the abundance of corks around, to give to family members who appreciate a nice glass of red.

Tools and Materials:
Wine corks
Glue gun
Band saw or sharp serrated kitchen knife

A note on what type of blade you use: Since I was cutting my corks with a band saw (thanks Pops!), I glued the corks together first, and then cut them into two coaster slices. However, if you do not have access to power tools and a handy father, I suggest following Crafty Nest's lead and cut each cork in half individually first with a serrated kitchen knife, then glue them together.

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Using rubber bands helps hold the corks together while you come up with your design. I opted for a triangular shape.

Glue two corks together using the glue gun.

To add a third cork, apply two lines of hot glue on each of the first two corks.

See, a trinagle!

Keep gluing and adding corks. It's an even bigger triangle!

Add another pair of corks on each side of the big triangle.

Once you're done gluing together corks, begin gluing ribbon to the corks, pressing both into the spaces in between corks.

Since was planning on cutting the corks after gluing, I glued a second ribbon around the corks (where the rubber band is the the above photo).

I then cut the corks into two coasters with a band saw. Like I mentioned earlier, you can cut the corks ahead of time by hand. All the steps above would be the same, just with half cork pieces.

Smooth down rough or uneven edges with sandpaper. Pour yourself a glass of red and toast to your craftiness!

Thanks Emily for taking the pictures! I hope you appreciate the fact that I didn't include that embarrassing self-portrait shot you took. (Note to Emily's friends: e-mail me and I will sell it to you.)


  1. Holy cow this is super rad! These would make a fab gift with a bottle of wine for someone :)

  2. thanks for sharing! this is great!

    take care, aimee

    SwellMayde DIY's

  3. Wow those are adorable! Nice blog :)

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Totally making these for a gift this X-mas season! Thanks for the great idea!!! Drinking all that wine pays off ;)


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