December 30, 2011

DIY Neon Cord and Crystal Necklace

Here's my take on nOir's neon jewelry. I raided my junk jewelry stash for a piece of a broken glass necklace, popped in to M&J Trimming for some neon bolo cord and to restock on E6000, and within half an hour of coming home I had this necklace! Sometimes I'm so eager to make a project as soon as I can, that I neglect all basic tasks and needs, like taking off my coat or eating. I've got a one-track mind. The necklace a bit smaller than the inspiration, but that's the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it. Also, on closer inspection it looks like nOir's jewelry is made from fiber cord, not leather. Minor details!

Oh, and guess what? I made a second piece inspired by nOir, coming soon.

More after the jump!

Tools and Materials:
Neon colored cord (leather, vinyl or nylon)
Glass or plastic jewel pieces
Super glue and toothpick
Fold over end crimps or end caps
Clasp and jump rings

Cut the cord to your desired necklace length. Use pliers to squish the fold over crimps onto each end of the cord.

Attach the clasp to the ends with jump rings.

Determine where the middle or bottom of your necklace will be. Line up your bling.

Using the toothpick, apply super glue to the individual stones, starting in the center and working to the sides.

Press the glass jewels firmly against the cord, and leave to dry overnight.

Simple and satisfying. I love the turquoise, mix of materials, and bringing new life to broken vintage jewelry.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    adorbs! Happy New Year!

  2. This is so great and so easy! I like the leather cord better :)

  3. LOVE THIS!!! I totally need to make one.

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  4. Love this. Don't you find leather easier to work with than the nylon cord? When I did the Morse Code Necklaces from your tutorial I found the leather held the knots and its shape and I had to glue some of the knots when I used the nylon. This is thicker cord so maybe it's different. Do have a mm size for the cord you bought?

  5. OK, I just reread the tutorial again and see that the cord doesn't have to be braided! Please ignore the above comment :) Also am posting one photo and your link for my followers. If that isn't OK could you message me?

  6. WOW WOW love this! Great DIY girl

  7. This is great! I love the blue. How long do you think the E600 will hold up??

  8. Yay. Great reuse of broken jewelry.

  9. I saw that nOir necklace recently - yours is just as awesome and a fraction of the price! New follower here :)

  10. Heya :) Cool DIY, I was kind of inspired by your DIY :) THX


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