December 5, 2011

DIY Easy Elastic Headband

Here's another DIY hair accessory to add some glamour to my ever ubiquitous bun. It's amazing how something so simple takes me from looking like I just left the gym to looking pulled together and (dare I say it) polished.  I might turn out a few more of these using braided leather cord, lace, or velvet ribbon.

Tools and Materials:
Chain (mine was from the junk jewelry pile) or other trim
Needle and thread

How much chain and elastic you need depends on the size of your head. You want enough so that the chain comes to behind your ears, and when it's stretched, the elastic should fit over your head but still fit snugly at your nape.

Double up the chain, and sew each end to one end of the elastic. That's it!

These are so easy I made two! My sister's wearing one with silver ribbon.


  1. Simple and brilliant! Another great project. I love the doubled-up look.

  2. SO simple and so genius! It looks super chic, and I love it with the ribbon too :) You and your sister both have gorgeous hair, btw!
    These would make fabulous stocking stuffers or gifts for girlfriends!

  3. I love this project! The chain would become entangled in my curly hair, but I could definitely see myself wearing one with sequin trim. :)


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