November 8, 2011

DIY Sequin Collar

I finally broke down and gave in. On two things actually. The first was another half-off bag of candy corn at CVS. The second was I DIY-ed a collar. Like I pointed out here and here, there is no shortage of crafty ladies out there who have made or embellished a beautiful collar. I just couldn't help myself after I saw this pink sequin collar. I had two yards of pink sequin trim, just begging to be used. Here's the result:

Left: Pixie Market | Right: Thanks, I Made It

A quick rundown on how I made it:
1. Use plates and bowls to trace circular collar shapes onto plain paper, making a template.
2. Cut out template, and use to trace and cut out collar from scrap black fabric.
3. Use Aleene's Jewel-It Glue to stick down rows of pink sequin trim.
4. Let dry, trim off any visible fabric, and sew on two pieces of ribbon to each end to for a bow closure.

Cost: $2 (versus the $84 original)
Time: 45 minutes
Playing pretty pretty princess: priceless


  1. I LOVE yours - great idea to use the plate!!

  2. cute! i like yours better haha :)

  3. I like yours better too! Funny, I just did a DIY collar necklace too...

  4. So cute - love your DIY version.

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  5. Hello! I discovered your blog and I love Chic Steals! I invite you to stop by mine, this week my DIY is a glitter mini-print clutch Missoni! Hope you like!

  6. Yours is definitely nicer. Very well done!

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog - love it! I really prefer the shape of your version to the other. I'll have to get crackin' on finally making/blogging a collar this season...they're just too cute!

  8. everyone has the right idea, yours is way better!

  9. I too think the same. Much prefer your excellent sequin collar!

  10. looove it! I made collar tips

  11. I think yours looks the best!

  12. I think yours looks the best!

  13. I like yours way better! Way to go, it's rare to find a DIY that outshines the original this much.

  14. Hello! I wrote a post about collars that you might like.

    My blog is

    I hope your comments, thank you!


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