November 13, 2011

DIY Rock Bracelet

This project was a total accident. You know how it goes, you head to the store for one thing, and then before you know it your in the checkout with that and more. I saw this nifty bangle at Michael's, and thought its unusual texture could work with wire wrapping or weaving. The next discovery was these stone beads, with a pyrite-like luster. If you can get ahold of a similar bracelet, you could use any beads you fancy.

How-to after the jump!

Tools and materials:
A wire mesh bracelet
Beading wire
Wire crimps
Stone beads
Needle (not shown)

Thread about 3 feet of beading wire on the needle.

Slide a crimp on to loose ends of the wire, and use the pliers to close the crimp.

Push the needle through the bracelet.

Pull bead wire through bracelet, and loop back on itself, pulling tight.

Slide bead onto the needle and wire.

Pull bead down to the bracelet, push the needle through again, and pull wire tight.

Slide another bead onto the needle, and pull it down to the bracelet, and "sew" through the bracelet again.

Continue repeating the past few steps to add more rock beads, until you get the desired look. Knot the wire, trim down, and add another crimp to the ends to secure.

But we're not done yet! I added some wrapped chain last minute to help disguise the beading wire and add a little more shine. (Like I said, this was very last minute, so please forgive the low-quality photos!)

I attached leftover chain from my tangled earrings with a small jump ring to the bracelet...

...wrapped it around and around...

...and secure to the other end of stones with another jump ring. The end!


  1. I am loving this! I am heading to Michael's this week. Thanks for the FAB tutorial.

  2. Thank you! I always appreciate your support! I hope you can find the supplies too. Have fun making it!

  3. this is great!! I especially like the chain addition, finishes it off very nicely!

  4. Love! This is just gorgeous, thanks for sharing it, hugs Jennibellie x

  5. I can't wait to try this one!

  6. Very talented indeed! But how did you find working with metal? Just curious...


  7. That is so clever!!!! Awesome!

    Thanks for visiting our blog- i love yours with so many DIY ideas.

    xx S

  8. erin ~ so so clever! i love it!!
    xx ~ kristina

  9. I love this project. I never know where to buy the base for bracelet projects though. The chain wrapping was a great touch.



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