November 28, 2011

DIY quick tip: Crafty things to do with clear nail polish

This list began with an epiphany about what to do with a certain bra of mine. It's what I like to call a "front-loader," i.e., the kind that clasps in the front. The problem was that the finish on the inside of the metal clasp began to wear away, and would leave an icky green spot in between the girls. Gross, I know. (You should know that the two biggest acronyms in my life are TIMI and TMI.)

The solution was to coat the inside of the clasp (while undone, so it didn't stick together) with clear nail polish. Let it dry, and voila! No more icky marks. This got me to thinking about other ways I can use clear nail polish in my crafting. Here are the do-it-yourself ideas:

1. Put a drop or two on the edge of trim or fabric to keep it from unraveling or fraying. (Or on a run in your tights!)

2. I love polymer clay jewelry. A coat of nail polish on a clay creation could give it a pretty shine, or mix a few drops of polish with your choice of glitter.

3. On that note, nail polish is a simple sealant or varnish for small projects, and in a pinch can act as glue.

4. Coat cheaper, plated metal jewelry to keep it from losing its color or rubbing off on you. (Like that bra clasp.)

5. Coat thread or string with a light layer of polish, then roll between your finger tips. The string/thread should dry quickly, and be easier to thread through a needle or bead.

6. A dab on the threads of a button helps keep it secure.

Do you have any crafty tricks with clear nail polish?

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  1. I recently found this tutorial:

    It's all about how to create the look of dichroic glass with nail polish and clear glass! It's more for glitter nail polish, but you can probably add glitter and/or PearlEx pigment powders to clear to get lots of great colors.

    I also love clear nail polish for sealing the knots in beaded jewelry. It makes them so much more secure!

  2. Those are both awesome suggestions Sarah! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Ahhh so genius! I use clear nail polish as a sealant of sorts for cut thread that I don't want to unravel. And Kirsten from Studs and Pearls uses clear nail polish as an epoxy!

  4. Love these tips! I keep a small bottle of clear nailpolish in my tote - it always comes in useful!


  5. I always keep a bottle in my styling kit during photo shoots. It has saved me plenty of times!


  6. erin ~ great tips here! i only knew of the nylon trick {for when nylons were worn!}
    xx ~ k

  7. These are great tips, I only knew of the tights and the cheap jewellery ones. Thanks! P.S. I love your blog, you've just gained a new follower! xx

  8. great tips... it's an essential!

  9. #4 has been a life saver for me and my sensitive skin! While I don't wear much cheap metal, some of it is unavoidable like the buttons on pants.

  10. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Add nail polish to keys to identify where each key goes. My house key is blue, my work key is green...etc

  11. Hi Erin, i just came across this article, and I love it! This is really good advice. Just a quick question though, can I use nail polish as a sealant for paperclay when making jewelries?

    Also, do drop by my blog:

    1. Hi Shia! I'm not 100% sure, but I bet it could. I'd test it out first, and only use it for small things.

    2. HI Erin, sorry for the late reply. But guess what?? i finally put it to a test; i used nail polish on paper clay as a sealant and it worked!


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