November 10, 2011

DIY Jewelry Storage and a Shameless Plug

Hey friends! Exciting news-- I'm in the running for Bauble Bar's "Show Us How You Store 'Em" contest! You can vote for your favorite jewelry display online by commenting on the photo in Bauble Bar's Facebook album. Naturally, my apartment's jewelry area is fully of DIY, vintage, and pieces from travels, in both decor and jewelry! My collection from robes/dressing gowns from different parts of Asia, little boxes and baubles from around the world make practical and pretty souvenirs. Quick how-to's and descriptions of the DIYs pictured here are after the jump.

1. Printed fabric from Ikea stretched over blank canvas (from any ol' craft/art store) and tacked in place with finishing nails. A large canvas was a bit expensive for me, so I nailed together canvases I got in a cheaper two-pack. 

2. Old frame with glass and back removed, filled with cork sheet cut to size, straight pins for hanging earrings, and resting on a photo display stand.

3. Marble door saddle (the threshold part of a door frame) from Home Depot, found in tile area, to act as heat-proof shelf on top of radiator. Cheap too, at less than 15 bucks! Note: Be wary of placing anything flammable near a functioning radiator!

4. Dowel rod cut into two pieces, one nailed to the top of the other in a "T" and nailed to a piece of wood with beveled edge from the craft store.

5. Cigar box and white painted branch wall hooks.

Don't forget to comment and vote on Bauble Bar's FB album! Xo, E


  1. Very nice...I like your ideas. I just created a fabric covered corkboard to store my jewelry too.

  2. Great ideas here, Erin! I regret not entering, I've DIY'd so much of my jewelry storage! I think my favorite things here are the "painting" (genius to nail the 2 canvases together, and to stretch fabric over!) and the branch wall hooks!

  3. hi erin! LOVE all of these ideas!! i especially love the cork board for earrings and cigar box ~ i have a lot of them from grandfather!
    xx ~ k

  4. I voted for you!:)
    Sooooo did you win?


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