November 7, 2011

DIY Cone Stud Spike Bracelet

Some days, I'm just out of words. (Whaaa?) I'm going to ditch my typical pop culture and puns song-and-dance and cut straight to the chase. Here's the bracelet I made with my pal Emily this past SaturDIY, inspired by an assortment of spike jewelry. It's easy, quick, and fun!

Tools and Materials:
Flat-head screw driver
Jump ring and clasp 
Oval link chain
Super glue (late arrival to the party, so not shown)

A note on chain: I highly recommend buying your studs first, and having them in hand when you pick out chain. This way, you can make sure that the stud fits in the links. The first chain I bought, the stud fit through the link, but the link wasn't long enough and so things didn't fit and looked funny. The next chain I bought had a mix of small, circular links and longer oval links. The studs fit perfectly in the longer links.

The rest of the how-to after the jump!

Cut chain to a length that fits around your wrist.

A closer look at the studs. See how the back twists off to create two parts, the screw and stud?

Take apart a stud, and place the screw side through one of oval links.

Put a drop of glue in the stud's hole. The glue was a last minute addition, and caused a bit of stress (sticky immobile fingers!), but I recommend it because otherwise you might end up with a few loose screws. (In more ways than one.) Twist on the cone stud, and tighten with the screw driver so that both sides are nice and cozy with the link. Just don't twist too tight or else the link will begin to open.

Repeat for the other studs. The number of studs and their placement is up to you!

Add a clasp to the chain using a jump ring.

That's it!


  1. ooh i love it! very inspirational iv seen loads of spike jewellerey around lately!

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    So creative, love it!

  3. Erin this is amazeballs! I need to make one, stat! I've got such an obsession with studs! May I ask where you got the studs?

  4. nice work! looks just like the baublebar version!

  5. Such a cute idea!!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  6. I am trying this one cute and right up my alley. I am also going to try to create something similar to your cuff.

    You are very talented...I'm now following.

  7. definitely going to try it out..nothing better than the spikes you make yourself :)


  8. AMAZING!!!!!!!!
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  9. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Love this! why am I already not following you? ha


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