October 12, 2011

Tangled up in you: DIY Tangle Earrings

I love these deliberately messy earrings I found while online window shopping. The tops of them are like little 14K gold chain donuts. Yum yum. They seemed easy enough to recreate when you're often messy-- deliberately or not-- but it turned out that they were a bit more challenging to tangle than expected. Even so, I'm happy with the result. I lucked out with finding chain that was already a two-toned in silver and gold (so I can match with every metal!) by using a cheapo 10 dollar necklace and earring set I picked up at a junky jewelry store.

image via net-a-porter.com

How-to after the jump!

Tools and materials:
Chain (I took apart a necklace)
Random assortment of jump rings
Post earring backs
Strong glue
Coffee (Notice the Adirondack Mountains mug? We're always going back upstate. I <3 ADK)

I began by deconstructing the necklace, which ended up being 5 or so sections of six pieces of chain.

Taking one of these sections, I began twisting and tangling to create a main knot that with loops of chain hanging from it.

To create the hanging loops and hold the knot in place, I attached chains together with jump rings.

Next step was to attach an earring back using glue. While the glue was wet, I began to doubt how well it would hold, so I temporarily abandoned it to dry.

When I came back to the earring, it was surprisingly strong, so I repeated the steps to make the second earring.


PS- If you make anything inspired by projects I've posted here, I'd love to see them!! Drop me a line at erin.thanksimadeit@gmail.com 
xo Erin


  1. These are so sick!!! I'm in love, and must make them!! I just need to find the two toned chain now.

  2. When I first saw the inspiration photo, I thought "meh, not for me". But surprisingly, I really love yours and I think I'm totally going to make a pair!

    OKay I've been perusing your blog for a few hours now (and part of last night) and I LOVE your DIYs. Can I link you on my blog? :)

  3. Allison7:29 PM

    i want these. pretty pretty pretty please? i will wear them all the time i promise!

  4. @Natalie, yes of course!! Thanks for the shout out!

  5. Very impressive... nice job!!!! (PS just a tip, feel free to discard... you should put the photo of the finished results before the page break... yours is so much better than the original.)

  6. Erin!! I have been in LOVE with these since you first put this post up! I get my 2nd chemo infusion Monday and plan to do some jewelry from your blog while I'm laid up in bed:) I KNOW I'm going to make the Suede Wrapped Rhinestone Bracelets among a ton of other TIMI projects I've bookmarked! I already have materials to make them. I'm prepared to do nothing; but recovery from chemo and DIYs to keep my spirits up:) But I'm afraid I will totally bungle trying to make these gorgeous Tangle Earrings:/ Any chance you will be visiting the area for Xmas time and could give me a few tips to boost my DIY confidence?

    P.S. I totally like your version of these earrings better than the inspiration earrings as well!!!


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