November 20, 2011

Repurposed painting tote bags

Awesome internet find alert! These tote bags from Swarm are made from repurposed oil paintings. How many times have you seen an old painting in a thrift store, yard sale, or your grandparent's basement and dismissed it as tacky? These bags aren't cheap (around 300 euros), but you could DIY your own by removing a canvas from the wood frame, sewing into a simple tote shape, slapping on a protective sealant, and attaching handles and hardware from an old belt or bag. The bags/paintings range from still lifes to portraits, but I like the abstracts and landscapes most. Best of all, they are breathing new life into old objects and reusing materials. Now that's eco-chic.


  1. Making bags out of paintings is a great idea! It's one I've been wanting to do for a long time, since I've realized that my paintings look more like textiles.

    In craft stores, they sometimes sell pads of canvas, like pads of paper. So if people wanted to do their own paintings, too, it would be pretty easy. Especially if they used those inexpensive acrylic paints.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I kind of want to get out my canvas/paints now. :)

  2. AMAZING idea!!! Especially love the first one! What sort of sealant would you recommend?

    also, new to your blog (not 100% how I got here, but I love it already!)


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